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The Turban

For his Spring/Summer 2011 collection, fashion designer Jason Wu (you probably know him as the creator of this piece of fabulousness) included a retro reference that I am particularly fond of: the turban….

Jason Wu (s/s11)

Since, the contemporary version of the turban has taken off with celebrities and models alike. But let’s face it, not many of us can pull off what Kate Moss can on a daily basis. Therefore, let’s take a look at the more mainstream interpretations of this trend:

Here, Ashley Olsen rocks a black turban headband that is more day-to-day appropriate than a full turban.  If you’re interested in the turban/headband you can find them online. A version of this black one Ashley is wearing can be found on Etsy for only $10. Can’t beat that.

Turbans like this one are also a great way to experiment with bold prints.

Kylie Minogue

And don’t think that this trend is only for the summer months…  they work to keep you looking chic (and feeling warm) even in the winter.

Basically they’re everything every girl looks for in a hair accessory: easy, fun, and super stylish.

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