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To Bike or Not To Bike?

I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d really love to have a bike. D.C. is pretty spread out and sometimes it feels like it can take forever to walk/take public transportation. Bikes are chic, easy, relatively cheap, and definitely eco-friendly, but do I have what it takes to bike in D.C.?! Riding a bike here would certainly be different than riding it in Pennsylvania! For starters, there are pedestrians. Also, the ever-intimating¬†traffic circle. But is this really enough to keep me from buying a bicycle? I think not!

Plus, I already picked out which one I want. Adorable, no?

Do you have a bike? What is the best part about riding it?

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My Favorite Place in D.C.

My favorite place in D.C. is the National Cathedral:

Religion aside, this building is in my opinion the most beautiful in the entire district. Its gothic archetecture, stained glass windows, and cobblestone courtyards seem ancient, but the National Cathedral was completed in (get this) 1990. It took over 80 years to construct, and the results are just stunning.

The gardens surrounding the cathedral are my favorite place to go when I feel like escaping city life. You can sit on the benches outside and feel like you’re in Paris near the Seine.

Do you have a favorite place in DC that I should know of? Do tell!

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