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To Bike or Not To Bike?

I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d really love to have a bike. D.C. is pretty spread out and sometimes it feels like it can take forever to walk/take public transportation. Bikes are chic, easy, relatively cheap, and definitely eco-friendly, but do I have what it takes to bike in D.C.?! Riding a bike here would certainly be different than riding it in Pennsylvania! For starters, there are pedestrians. Also, the ever-intimating¬†traffic circle. But is this really enough to keep me from buying a bicycle? I think not!

Plus, I already picked out which one I want. Adorable, no?

Do you have a bike? What is the best part about riding it?


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I love New York.
Today, yesterday, ten years ago, ten years from now.
It is beautiful, it is unique, it is strong.
And so are its people.
I wish I was there today. I wish I could do my favorite thing to do in New York: Wake up early, walk to Bryant Park, and sit at one of those little round tables, just people watching and reading. I wish that I could be there to comfort everyone who is in pain, everyone who is worn with memories and sadness like me. And so much more than me.
I wish I could visit the past, and look at that beautiful skyline one last time. I wish I could visit the future and know it will all be alright.
But for now I know two things:
New York is strong.
I love New York.

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